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Earphone Noise Reduction

Earphone Noise Reduction

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LP40 White and Case
LP40 Black and Case
LP40 2 White
LP40 2 Black
LP40 White
LP40 Black
LP40 2 White 2 Case
LP40 2 Black 2 Case
LP40 1 Wh 1 Bla 2 Ca
LP40 White and Black
LP40 2 White 1 Case
LP40 2 Black 1 Case
LP40 1 Wh 1 Bla 1 Ca
LP40 Black and TW13
LP40 White and TW13
LP40 White TW13 Case
LP40 Black TW13 Case
LP40 Black a TM Case
LP40 White a TM Case

Product Details

Explosion-LP40 Genuine Bluetooth Wireless Earphone:

  • Suitable for the crowd:                                                                                                 simple style, small appearance, more suitable for girls.
  • Suitable for scenes:                                                                                                     music, sports and conversations
  • Officially authorized by Lenovo, original warranty
  • 13mm pronunciation unit, high-quality sound
  • Upgrade big battery, long battery life

Accessories Lists:

  • User Manual
  • USB cable
  • Charging Case
  • Bluetooth Earphone

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 499 reviews
Orville Tremblay

very good

Charley Jacobson

For the money that they cost, quite normal headphones. It's a pity that there is no menu.

Rod Schroeder

Nothing to say fast shipping and the sound is nickel.

Elroy Weissnat

One pair works perfectly, the other makes me a very slight sizzle in the right ear, which I no longer hear when the music is on the way. Coming out of the very good sound for an entry-level, the touch buttons are very badly done which makes it complicated to use without the phone in hand. Overall I am very satisfied with these headphones

Pearline Gerlach

Good quality headset am satisfied with the product.